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General provisions

Legal NoticeMirjam d.o.o., Ulica Ivana Gorana Kovačića 11c, 21300 Makarska, OIB 39159128846

Before booking, you should read, understand and accept the Terms of Use. If you do not understand the Terms of Use, we recommend you to contact our customer support, available by email or by phone numbers listed in the contact section. This website has been translated into several languages. The official version of the website is in English. In case of any discrepancy between the original and the translated version, the Croatian version will be considered relevant.

Types of services

Accommodation and food services.

Online booking procedure

The person booking the application must be over the legal age. The reservation is made on the Internet, please fill in all the necessary information.The person entering the data is responsible for the accuracy. Boutique Hotel Mirjam as a provider of accommodation services does not take any responsibility for incorrectly entered data or false information.The person who enters data for the entire group accepts the terms on behalf of the group and is responsible for the group data.Boutique Hotel Mirjam will not accept reservations if the information is not complete, credible or if the service is not available. In this case, the client will receive an e-mail about the impossibility of accepting the reservation. In case the reservation is accepted, the client will receive an e-mail confirmation.After successful payment, the client will receive an invoice with all the details of the reservation. The client is obliged to have the same invoice upon arrival at the hotel, as well as a valid identification document (identity card, passport, driver`s license). The client is obliged to check the confirmation and in case of an error should inform Boutique Hotel Mirjam in writing.


A safety deposit box is located in each room. Boutique Hotel Mirjam is not responsible for missing items if it is not properly stored. In case of forgotten items when departing the hotel, it will be kept for a year, and then handed over to humanitarian purposes. If the items have an expiration date, it will be kept until the expiration date, and then destroyed.

Children and people with special needs.

Children under the age of 12 cannot use our services if they are not accompanied by an adult. You are obliged to inform us in advance about the stay of children up to the age of 1 and people with disabilities (such as wheelchair users) so we could ensure suitable accommodation for you.

Changes and cancellations

The guest can cancel the reservation 7 days prior to arrival and will get a full refund. If cancelled within 7 days to arrival, the guest is obligated to pay 30% of the total amount. In case of no show, total amount of the reservation will be charged. The minimum advance is 30% of the total amount. The user cannot change the reservation data without the approval of Boutique Hotel Mirjam. All changes must be send by email and must contain all relevant information. If changes are possible they will become valid after Boutique Hotel Mirjam checks them.

check-in and check-out

Check-in: from 2 p.m. or later. Check-out: until 11:00 or earlier.Late check-out is only possible if confirmed by the reception desk.The hotel does not allow stay for guests under the age of 12. However, stay is allowed if the person under the age of 12 is accompanied by an adult guest (guest over the age of 18).For security measures and to prevent fraud, the guest is obliged to confirm his identity upon arrival using his passport, identity card or driver`s license.