637007942407170117masaza6MEDICAL MASSAGE (60 min.) A full-body massage of medium intensity brings benefits to the body circulatory system, improves body posture, and enhance psychophysics condition of the human body. Manual medical massage effects the musculoskeletal and nervous system, as well as circulatory, digestive and respiratory system. By performing manual medical massage we focuse on the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in treatment. Its benefits are, among other things: relieve of muscle tension and pain, reduction of spasms and post-exercise inflammation, blood flow increase and prevention or elimination of myogelosis.

637007942407170117masaza6SPORTS MASSAGE (60 min.)
With all the characteristics of medical massage this strong intensity and energetic sports massage is ideal for people engaged in sports activities because this massage improves muscle tone. It is intended for professionals and recreationists who prepare for large competitions or recovering from any injuries.

637007942407170117masaza6PARTIAL MEDICAL MASSAGE (30 min.)
Shorter duration medical massage where you can choose whether to treat your back or legs. Better circulation, body posture improvement and raise the general psychophysical condition of the body is result of this massage.

637007942407170117masaza6LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE OF FEET (45 min.)
Lymphatic drainage stimulates the lymph and has a beneficial effect on the lymphatic system, autonomic nervous system and immune system. It also removes excess water and protein from the tissues and helps remove cellulite. It plays an important role in physiotherapy, sports medicine and in cosmetic facial and body treatments. If a large amount of water accumulates in the feet this massage is ideal to reduce swelling in your feet.

637007942407170117masaza6FACE, NECK AND HEAD MASSAGE (30 min.)
This beautiful and relaxing massage is a great choice in a state of general fatigue. Microcirculation is achieved when the scalp is beeing massaged and it is useful even with some types of headaches.


Masseur Mario Vela

This beautiful and relaxing massage is a great choice in a state of general fatigue. Microcirculation is achieved when the scalp is beeing massaged and it is useful even with some types of headaches.


Alone or in the company of other people, you can have an unforgettable experience of relaxation.

A wellness and a spa spot you can use in our hotel is a hydromassage pool, ideal for relaxation of up to 8 people.

A suitable choice for massage and rehabilitation is a jacuzzi you can use in our hotel. Adjust the water temperature and nozzle intensity and enjoy it while listening to relaxing music!

While you listen to relaxing music you can drink wine or cocktail delivered at your request by our friendly staff. We are ready to do everything in our power to make your stay at the hotel wonderful.


High quality standards and a pleasant ambience brings extremely relaxing moments while using sauna. 

Do not miss your chance to improve your health by taking advantage of the benefits sauna can bring!

The temperature and humidity will adjust according to your wishes. The healing aspects of the sauna are well known and the priority of our personnel is to keep our guests healthy.

Swimming pool

Surrounded by the natural charms of the Makarska Riviera, Bikovo mountain on one side and the beauty of the Adriatic Sea on the other side you can enjoy refreshments by the pool on the Boutique Hotela Mirjam terrace.

From the south side of the hotel you can enjoy the overlook of the blue sea of the Adriatic and the beautiful islands. You can have your morning coffee or enjoy a romantic sunset in the evening.

There is a view of the Biokovo mountain from the north side of the hotel. The northern part of Biokovo mountain is a nature park and all of our dear guests eager for adventure can use hiking trails or lookouts with beautiful views.

Make your vacation unforgettable! Enjoy comfortable deck chairs under umbrellas. With a cocktail in your hand you can enjoy a breathtaking view while feeling a light breeze and hearing a relaxing waves sound.

Our friendly staff will make sure drinks and food of your choice are available at all times. You can enjoy your meal while listening to relaxing music.

Wine Bar

Wine has been an important element of Dalmatia since ancient times. In sunny Dalmatia, there are special and unique varieties of top quality wine, produced in fertile vineyards. You can taste large selection of wines with special and recognizable flavors, aromas and appearances.

The main division is in the continental and coastal vineyard area. In continental Croatia, the area is divided into: the northwestern part (Plješivica, Prigorje and Bilogora, Zagorje, Medimurje, Pokuplje and Moslavina) and the northeastern part (Slavonia and the Danube region). The coastal part includes Istria and the Croatian Littoral, northern Dalmatia, Dalmatian Zagora and central and southern Dalmatia.

Northeastern Croatia also produces Graševina, followed by green Silvanac, Rhine Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and Gray Pinot Noir, Traminer, Sauvignon, Frankovka and Zweigelt. The famous Krauthaker Winery operates in Kutjevo. Erdut vineyards are also proud of a huge barrel with a volume of 75,000 liters! The wines of the Ilok cellars stand out, however, by their recognizable visual identity.

Dalmatia is rich in indigenous varieties. The most famous wines are: Babić and Plavina (Primošten), Merlot (Drniš), Debit, Pošip, Maraština and Grk (Korčula), Vugava and Plavac (Vis), Plavac and Bogdanuša (Hvar), Plavac Mali (Pelješac), desert wine prosecco , and the world`s top quality red wine, Dingac. Well-known wineries are: Plančić Winery from Hvar, Jedinstvo Agricultural Cooperative Winery and Toreta Winery from Korčula grow autochthonous varieties named Pošip and Rukatac. Plenković Winery produces about 300,000 bottles of wine a year. There is a wine-growing family Skaramuca, known for the production of Plavac mali varieties and Dingac on the island of Pelješac.

A large selection of Croatian wines we highly recommend can be found and tasted at the Boutique Hotel Mirjam. Cheers!

Souvenir Shop


A sound mind in a sound body! Take care of your health and enjoy carefully selected workout equipment at your disposal.

The fitness room is open 24/7 so you could enjoy it whenever you feel like.

Fitness has various devices and weights for different levels of physical fitness

Our staff will help you if needed or give advice regarding the use of the device.

Conference room

The Conference room can accommodate up to 120 people

The Conference room can be rented by hotel visitors or others

The Conference room is equipped with a cinema projector and a loudspeaker. The sound can be played in the hall or in any other part of the hotel. If you want to reproduce a presentation, it can be adapted to the entire hotel system. The Conference room has hand, head or table microphones.